Updated NXT USDT Entry Level Reward to Risk 5:1

As the pattern developed it's clear we're in the falling wedge ( bullish ) bull flag ( bullish ).

When this breaks upward it's going to be a monster. Expect a gain equal to the flag pole.

Normally, at Target 1, I take profit and reduce my exposure by 50%. Then I adjust my stop to breakeven. At Target 2, I take profit again and reduce my remaining 50% by 50% (in other words 25% of original).

For this trade, however, I'll only be taking 25% out at each target, and I'll be leaving some in for the likely price run up between now and the 28th when those holding NXT coins in a wallet will be air dropped .5 Ignis coins per NXT coin

*This is an update of a previous analysis.
評論: Currently testing the top of the Bull Flag - if we break the resistance, I have my pending order set.
交易進行: In at .42

Already up an additional 6%

Morning has broken, like the first morning
評論: First Target reached with a bullet. 19% gain in just about an hour.
評論: Trade within a trade. If you're looking to get in late or reinvest your take-profit. It looks like we might be about to break the top of a smaller symmetrical triangle bull flag.

Keep in mind this is the 5-minute chart, so plan accordingly and keep a close eye and a firm stop.

評論: If you went in for the trade within a trade, we got up to .594, which is pretty darn close to our target. If you were up and watching this morning like I was, or had a slightly lower play-it-safe target, you made another whopping 19%.

The recap of the trade so far:

At .495 I sold 25% of my original order for a 19% profit.

Another bull flag formed, and I entered again when the price broke upward.

Made another 19% and sold at 59.

75% of my initial trade is in NXT. My stop loss has been adjusted to .45

My next target is on a slope that increases over time. If the uptrend resumes today the target will be somewhere in the .67-.69 range. If tomorrow it will be around our final target for this trade .75
評論: Second target of .68 achieved!!!
You can do another NXT schedule? You've got it very accurate.

Tmoran versohner
@versohner, Sure I just posted another entry point. Thank you for the compliment!
Insane! 52%!!
Tmoran Jman724
@Jman724, and it's certainly not showing any sign that it is slowing :)
Jman724 Tmoran
@Tmoran, Do you recommend holding onto it for the purpose of receiving the Ignis coins?
Tmoran Jman724
@Jman724, Personally I make more money off trading each day than the Ignis will initially be worth. So my strategy is this: For each $1000 block invested at .42, I've made around $500 on this trade today. Rather than cash that out when the trade completes, I'll cash out only my initial investment and leave the profit as NXT. I may enter and exit NXT a few more times this month if there are favorable set ups. Each time doing the same thing. Also, I still have 50% toward my final target of this trade

Around the 24th-25th (I'll stop trading anyway to spend time with family) I'll transfer all those (essentially free) NXT coins to a wallet and wait until the 28th to get my free Ignis.
Tmoran Tmoran
@Tmoran, Okay now it is showing some sign of slowing - heheh.
thank for your chart. But why do you mean 28th December. What's even? Can you tell more detail

Best regard
Tmoran Nghiant
@Nghiant, Sure on the 28th of Dec. A coin called Ignis (the latest in the NXT family of coins) will distribute 50% of their total coins to NXT coin holders. For each NXT coin you have in your wallet, you will receive .5 Ignis (which frankly has the potential to be more valuable than NXT coins in the long run). So, people are buying up NXT coins and transferring them off exchanges to their wallets. This increases demand and reduces supply - a perfect recipe for skyrocketing prices.

However, just after the block that determines the distribution on the 28th, many people will transfer their NXT back to exchanges and sell them. Increased supply with decreased demand (no more Ignis bonuses) is a perfect recipe for a crash.
Nghiant Tmoran
@Tmoran, I see, Anyway thank you for your explanation, May I should trade with each target before this even start. Do you have any advice?
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