FX_IDC:NZDUSD   紐元 / 美元
6277 13
At the time, the fundamentals are not reflected in the technical environment, but we are Traders, and we have to limit ourselves to read charts. This is not a setup, but an analysis that will help us in the coming weeks, in the search for pattern and entry levels for our trading. At the moment, we remain witk a bullish view on this pair.
Good trading everyone!

評論: new highs for nzdusd!
評論: The New Zealand Dollar also found support from data. NZ PMI Services increased from the prior period, reporting a reading of 57.9 vs. 54.5 in July. Westpac Consumer Confidence also showed an increase in the third quarter with a reading of 108 vs. 106 the prior period. The RBNZ meets later this week and having just lowered rates in August, no changes are expected.
評論: UPDATES (Y) PP = 0.6920
評論: Here we have some interesting confirmation
評論: New Zealand dollar continues to be strong ....
評論: Trend is still bullish....
評論: ...still bullish
should we take it now?

please answer...
Thank you for sharing, amazing analysis on this pair on weekly trend.
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@janetwu, welcome!
@SignalSwiss, when drawing a channel, why don't you consider the August 2011 high? Also, I guess you don't take into account the March 2009 low. I'm curious. Because if you draw a channel based on those points, the whole picture is different. In particular, there's still a rather big room for a fall. Just wondering, what's your trick here?
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Thank you for the fine charting and advice.
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The mental state is very important in Forex , and when the market faces huge resistance for sure will respect because it a area all people are sitting and waiting for the price to reach that level and they will take action when it reaches and it's already there now , i don't think the NzdCad will go up at least for the next week .
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But also there is H&S and we have the NZDCAD in very strong resistance that means the NZD is going to corrective if we assume it is bullish for this period or what ?
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Seems to be working. That sure looked like a classic weekly bear flag, yuck! Now looks like a V-recovery.
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Thanks for the analysis, Sharp and smart one !
waiting for the setups ..
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