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There are three predominant types of flat corrective waves. These include:

Expanded flat: This is arguably the most common flat wave formation and occurs in the second and fourth wave of an impulse wave. What connects the expanded wave to the initial impulse wave is a zigzag or other types of triple or double connection. In a bullish market, the price of the underlying asset moves against the trend to form a 3-wave shape. In an expanded flat wave, wave B also appears in a 3-wave structure and goes beyond the start of wave A, while wave C extends beyond the end of wave A. The expanded wave is also known as an irregular flat although this term can be misleading as the expanded wave appears more often than other types of waves.

Regular flat: In a regular flat correction , wave B ends slightly at the start of the wave A while wave C ends just beyond the end of wave A.

Running flat: A running flat wave is a 3-3-5 wave. Here, wave B terminates past the start of A wave and C stops almost close to the end of wave A. The formation of a running flat is quite rare. The difference between the expanded flat and the running flat is the point at which wave C stops. In an expanded flat, Wave C ends beyond the end of wave A.

All in all, each type of corrective flat is essentially an ABC wave with a 3-3-5 sub-waves or configuration. It is also important to note that these types of corrective flats go against the trend of the impulse wave, one degree higher.

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評論: At the moment, we see some pair who might develop this corrective structure. If many traders are interested in this training, click on the I LIKE button or leave a comment so, we can publish some examples in real time.

Happy week and happy trading!
評論: For example, look at nzdcad, on daily and linear chart, there, you can find a "FLAT" corrective structure in play.... Maybe in a few hours, I try to publish a chart...
Thank you very much!
thanks a lot for sharing gives an very interesting view on market analasis.
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@Copeter, you're welcome!
Nice analysis,Thank..
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@tonykit, you're welcome!
Very interesting!
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good stuff m8. much appreciated
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some real examples from last week in gold
and you forgot about the contracting flat when the B-wave does not go beyond the starting point of the A-wave and the C-wave does not go beyond the starting point of the B-wave.
@guskus, ...of course!!!! LOL ;) ;)
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