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Hey traders! We have a new structure low which invalidated the previous uptrend, We have a potential bearish cypher pattern @0.67618. Sell limit order is placed and will take the profits at 1.67169 and stop loss @0.67942.
評論: Trade active.
Initial Target 0.67169 ( sorry for the wrong quote on the chart)
交易結束:目標達成: Missed the Target by 9 pips. It was a good try though. Do not worry! There will be winners coming too.

UJ took my profits this morning.
morshedul.sazid morshedul.sazid

EA running atm.
Sorry about that Wrong status Update! ( Sl reached)
SL has just touched hiks hiks..
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No problem mate! It was a good try! :) These cyphers have almost 60% accuracy hitting the 61.8 fibb. :) With more than 1:1 RR. Lets keep trading it.
Can i enter this trade ?
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morshedul.sazid MarshalTrades
I am still in this trade! But the X point is invalidated now the pattern has less potential to hit the take profits. Its upto you :)
cash0032 morshedul.sazid
.67169 target still?
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Yes, As long the stops are not hit, the target remains the same.
Hi... I was waiting for that kind of confirmation ... I'm with U ... enter : 0.67582 Three times touch a Top line ... fourth time will total failure and then will goes fast down /x/zBqi0iQ1/#
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