one of my fave !! near 52 low misunderstood news !!

so reason for drop is fed interest hike !!
this company does not buy new buildings often interest rate should not have made it drop !!!
so i assume its misunderstood news and will follow my long term plan
this stock should hit 56 easy withing a month always has after hitting this point plus its a great div stock !!! ex div is at end of each month paid two weeks later 20 to 30 c per share !!
i doubled down today ! under 53 a share !! hopeit matures monday if not i will sell on dividend build up
I'm liking this stock very much, thanks for pointing it out.
However, I don't see a good entry at this time...(My counters are telling me to short this, Seeing that this stock is dribbling against a hard historical resistance I wouldn't short this.)
Maybe say on the 15th there will be a good entry for a one to four day trade to the upside if I was aggressive and drilled down into the low time frame charts to find an entry.
Now depending on what happens to the weekly chart after that then I'd consider going long... Else wait for a better entry.
Hmmmmm? Could break though the ice .... We'll see what next week brings.
Hope4Today9 Hope4Today9
Shorts are beating this one up.

Open Shorts are ~7.5% on O holding it down...
In TheStreet which considers 'O" & "REG" both to a buy
REG Open Shorts are 3.2%
For comparison.
Open Shorts on SNAP are 14% and Tesla is like 25.3%
GM 2.9% GE is only 1.3%

my1pricefamily Hope4Today9

im counting on the fact people think the rate hike affects this etf if your read the fundamentals they are not too agressive in keeping contracts on properties i see a walking in green to me proving its still going up and acting normal . the shorts will lose on this guy i am long until 56.00 i think this will happen before dividend this go !
my1pricefamily my1pricefamily
walking green is bllsnorts on hour and day much higher than trades going short or out .
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