223 10
I dont usually trade penny stocks- but when a stock crashes 80% in one day that is over reaction. The volume is insane on this stock=20M for an average of 640k. WHile the profit for the short sellers was 80%, we going long are now offered a chance to make 40, 200 or even 1700%. see graph.
Stock is way out of the Bollinger bands showing that the stock is oversold. I have included the target price, 200 day moving average and the resistance line on the chart. worth the look.
評論: When this gapped down in the morning- RSI was 4! yes 4! thats crazy. its up to 27. IF you dont know about RSI-above 70 is overbought and below 30 is oversold.
Might be .38 now but wonder if it will OPEN at that price when Markets Open.
I show this one at 38 Cents am I reading that chart correctly ?
Murray14 Dudleydogg
@Dudleydogg, would it be rude not to buy? Or down further
@Murray14, Well I cannot put in order on the weekend. But at that price, IF it just recovers so easy to double investment.
Brotank77 Dudleydogg
@Dudleydogg, you are correct- at the time i posted the chart-price was 0.38. however it is now at 0.41 after hours. Also, it is heavily volatile and went as high as 0.59 for the day. it would be really easy to double an investment. If you look at GALT, it recently had an extreme gap down and filled it in days. ALso I think AGRX gapped filled in a few days.
Dudleydogg Brotank77
@Brotank77, I cannot do after hours trading with my Broker or I would have entered this market for a bit.
Brotank77 Dudleydogg
@Dudleydogg, I hate after hours trading. It just seems fishy to me
Brotank77 Murray14
@Murray14, No one has to buy. This is just ideas im sharing. Whether you see it as an opportunity is up to you. Just looking to play the best stocks and leave the rest.
Dudleydogg Brotank77
@Brotank77, I appreciate it there is much research to know what stock you want to buy or not. I bought AMPE for .51 cents, cashed out at $4.36 Cents, was a great one. so this low cost Pharma Stocks can pay off.
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