OMG looks like its correcting more after strong upmove

BITTREX:OMGBTC   OmiseGO / Bitcoin
4055 5
OMG made a strong (unexpected) upmove and is correcting right now.
Not sure how this plays out, I hear some buzz about some event tomorrow which might lead us to (5) or a strong dump to (4).

OMG is played pretty much by whales, be carefull.
That was 100% accurate. WOW
$OMG has been reacting a bit in the last couple of days. Do you still believe it will have this long leg down before going up again?
Did you heard that “QTUM, GXS, EOS, ANS, DGD, 1ST, GNT, REP, SNT, OMG, PAY, LUN e VEN” was ICOs that is REMOVED from Chinese Exchanges?

What do you think? Will stay with these ICOS?
@Crypto_Ed After the current market change since you posted this do you think this will still hold true?
Learned a lot from your spot-on analysis and explanations, and was really surprised when you said on Twitter that TV banned you. But if you've been unbanned, then welcome back, and looking forward to seeing more posts from you.
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