OMG is coming back strong TO THE MOON !!!!

BITTREX:OMGBTC   OmiseGO / Bitcoin
OMG is coming back strong, to the Moon.

Omg just bounced from the support line it is starting to be bullish again.
He goes up and goes up even higher than the first time!
Now, it's a good time to buy, if you do not have OMG in your wallet yet

OMG is on Binance, Poloneix, BitFinex, Bittrex and other exchanges.

Buy: 0.00142- 0.0018
1 - 0.0022 (short)
2. 0.0028
3. 0.0033

OMG is a good trade
I like OMG and you?

Together we will be better and rich
Follow me ;)

Add me on telegram: https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@cryptoJ...
Nope! By early 6th Feb when I am writing this, OMG now just over $9 US. Have another try.
JadeDD PConnolly
@PConnolly, Thanks for your opinion sir
@JadeDD, You're welcome. Except it wasn't an opinion. It was fact. Even now, 24 hrs later, it is only just over $10. And nearly all coins have risen in the last 24 hrs. That was to be expected. But hey, all future predictions are just guesses. And the only way we know if they are right or not, is to wait and check reality against the prediction after the event or timeline. There is always a 50/50 chance of being right or wrong. And only time will tell which side ones predictions fall into.
I say this with respect. Because TA relies on past trends to predict future trends according to accepted patterns. But as you know, what causes those trends is human behaviour and other than in a very broad category, it is impossible to always accurately predict human behaviour. If we could do, then everyone would end up doing the same thing in terms of trading markets. And they don't.
Have a good day ...
*bullish cross which started the uptrend
there is a bearish tk on the daily tho. since the bullish one on the 23/dec.
JadeDD KAS888
@KAS888, Yes, in general he is bullish. He's gone down a lot, but he's going to explode.
KAS888 JadeDD
@JadeDD, i think its going down past 120. At least kumo e2e on the daily. today will confirm. Local trendline broke on the 26/jan. retested yday and failed. Lets see what the market will bring us.
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@KAS888, yes, but it's not dropping below 0.001400 atm. I'm heavily monitoring the chart and swing trading it. You're maybe right, just got to look out for today, if it doesn't break, then it's not going down further.
KAS888 PattyMcPat
@PattyMcPat, yeah thats the 12 hour cloud bottom. It will break that, i think, only if btc break that wall at 7800$.
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@KAS888, I guess you were right. I bought the dip hoping for a capitulation. Could profit off of that.
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