OmiseGo - skyrocket within a month

BITFINEX:OMGUSD   OmiseGo / Dollar
2317 29
Heading to between $50 and $100 imo .
評論: Still a bit scary short term. Putting this on neutral.

評論: Short term chart looks chaotic...

評論: I think I will consider buying this in about 2 weeks.
I'm keeping away for now because of the short term chaos.
評論: I'm still not buying cause of short term chaos.
But sure it seems to have more room to go up than down.

評論: Bought at $10.09
評論: Found one more bullish short term converging trend lines point.
So I bought at $10.09 as I said in the previous comment.

評論: Remade it a bit.

評論: Same Fibonacci as the one I posted October 10:th. Didn't touch it since. The reason I removed all the short term Fibonacci is because I don't care about them anymore, they're redundant. We Either move toward $1.3 or $45. I believe we'll move toward $45, because we got this really really strong long term bullish fractal attraction point, besides from two well defined short term bullish onces. Also one bearish short term attraction point that have plagued us for long now. There's always refreshing with some negativity also to make the situation more intriguing.

評論: If I would have more money somehow I would put more here. I really like this setup.
評論: Zoom in. Added a possible trend change point.

評論: The green line marks a ring of the giant the Fibonacci circle set. It acts as support. Didn't move it since October 11:th (can be found in one of the chart updates above)

評論: Hubii Network Partners with OmiseGO for payments.

“ We are pleased Hubii Network will be using OmiseGO’s innovations in scalable smart contracts to solve the issues around micro-payments. We believe the OmiseGO fully public network and decentralized payment platform will bring an unprecedented level of financial freedom to the content industry, ”

評論: OMG is going down. I'm still optimistic. The future looks really really great.
Sure It could go down to $3 but the upside is so enormous. I'm long term invested in this just like I am in EOS when EOS looked a bit sad.

This downward movement in OMG looks like a fake bear to me (I could be wrong). I wouldn't be surprised if it evolves to a head and shoulder formation in some days and we skyrocket to the moon.

評論: Some overanalyzing:
One reason that would make it logical to be a head and shoulder there is that: if OMG price would regain some of its price the next few days. Then tha bottom of this spike would almost exacly mark the center (of the time axis) of the giant Fibonacci. This enables a "mirror" effect, but instead oon the other side it explodes. It reminds me of maths where a function is reacting to the middle creating some asymtotical behaviour.
評論: I guess the bull just begun.

評論: Heading to red line. Don't take my advice, investing is your own responsibility.

評論: Bearish attraction is forming. Hopefully it's played out when Ethereum goes down and it continues up afterwards. Could fall to $4.5
I'm staying long term bullish.

評論: New bullish attraction point found. This is great! :)
It could still fall to $4.5 short term though but does it matter?

評論: I am moving my selling price 85% higher. That's alot! :)

I have no stop either. And I don't plan to use one. I will inform when I do. If it crashes I'll happily follow it down wherever it feels like going. Note that I absolutely don't recommend this!
評論: Look at the current order book of OmiseGO (that's not why I moved it higher it was becaue of OccultMagnetism):

評論: If it breaks $9.6 it's a major buy signal to me.
評論: Looks strong. It has entered the bullish Fib. circle set again. Don't sell this one cheaply. Let it rise up into the skies where it belongs...

oh. so omg will down or up . idea next to you ?
hi omg to 18 now
@letruongbx6, Sounds great. I'm not going to sell at that price.
If you got into alt coins early 2017 you are not in love with alts but sitting on massive gains. I jumped back into crypto again in July. Every last altcoin has continued to bleed a slow death since I ve been in the crypto space. Every bounce is followed by a lower low. Although its easy to see green on the market cap and be overwhelmed with envy, its important to keep in mind that most of these clowns (myself included) are serious bag holders lucky to get out with a medium to healthy size loss. With the advent of futures and real world wide adoption, Bitcoin will blow 99 % of altcoins out of the water. Since I have been in the space my altcoins value have reduced by 50% while bitcoins value has increased but 100%. I think its not only safe but prudent to invest a majority in bitcoin. That being said... I love omesigo
yes, it might fall below $5, which would be great, leave some buy orders down there... But I like the coin long :)
yes . i like it
@letruongbx6, That's good. I have a strong feeling alot of subscribers dislike me right now. I'm kind of giving double signals.
hi you .omg down 4.5$
@letruongbx6, Yes. I'm stubbornly optimistic though.
hi you . can update
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