OmiseGo (OMG) again seems to form 100% up move to at least $28

BITFINEX:OMGUSD   OmiseGo / Dollar
I intensively following OmiseGo since about 4 weeks and for me it seems like there will be a price of at least $28 in a very short timespan.

About 2 weeks ago I got in at $7.50. Today OMG reached it's first 100% profit target since then. After about 2 weeks of struggle with some resistance levels.
OMG is following the FIB levels of the last ATH upswing almost perfectly what gives me a really good feeling about new highs within the next days (or even hours?).

Today a lot of people invested a shit load of money in OMG what builded a beautiful bull flag and took out the heavy resistance at around 10.50/11.50.
Of course this people don't do that for fun. They do it for profit and because they know when the time comes to invest million of dollars.
Only on Bittrex (where I trade, just use the Bitfinex chart here because it shows longer history) there came in more than 4 million dollar within 60 minutes!
The overall market cap almost doubled the last 14 days as well.

Also there is a lot of attention for OmiseGo because of the latest announcements (1) and because Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin mentioned it as his favorite in 2018 (2,3).
Not to mention that the project itself is very promising (4).

Maybe there will be a little down move to the area at around $12 where we could find a cheaper entry before it go up again, but this maybe will not happen at all.
For myself this is a safe bet and I already added up another 50% of my capital at $13.50 to my previous investment.
Let's see when this will reach the moon. ;)


Keep in mind that you always trade at your own risk. So do your own research. Good luck!
All thoughts and comments most welcome.

Edit: sorry, reposted this idea because I used the wrong time unit in the chart posted before. All content is identical.
評論: Breakout
評論: Okay, here we go. We have our bullish confirmation now.
New support should be at around $14.5 area.

If this is getting lower than $13.5 next level should be at around $12.
If $18 breaks $25+ is likely very very soon.

Do your own research. Good luck.
手動結束交易: Closed at 290% profit. Wait for the end of correction.
Nice run so far!
I sold all the way up, set buys through 12s and one at 13.35ish. Finally took my OMG profits after holding bags forever. feels good man. the dip will come, it always does.
NickSdot mromisego
@mromisego, of course it always does. but not yet. still bullish - still following the FIB. Thoughts?
mromisego NickSdot
@NickSdot, i still think its going to fall down to the 12s, 13s. BTC is selling hard right now too.
Thanks, still not sure if I should wait for a small dip, or just get more at 13.6...
NickSdot dandan55
@dandan55, It was a hard 6 hours decision for me as well but I feel comfortable with what I decided for. I won't miss this chance (again) because of my greed. :-D
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