Omni Next Step and New Wave

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as we see all Coin have short drop Normal at 3 months ago all coin fly and all
was happy with this movement all gain profit any one open trade was gain profit direct

now we have big price correction all panic all sell all lose

first can i ask last month where was btc price ?

last year where was eth ?

all remember what happened for ETH las year ?

eth was get $20 then we see news say ETH was hack

i was seen alot of panics people

some say ETH will go $0

now what happened for ETH ?

he went to $400 ^_^

so all Panic now from BTC fork or something like that

we hear about that @ Around March

Btc was down because alot of people panic after that BTC Get $2800
now same guys panic

u should not do that

u know




u know how market work

all news maybe real or fake

just see into the chart

and use your mind to get good details to build your analysis

sorry for this long text

but i should provide advises for all not trade only

as we see the omni get down

this weak and the move was strong

we look now at two resistance

first one @0.01766280

Sec one @0.00900000

from this move i think omni will break first resistance @0.01766280 or stop for a moments

above this resistance

so what we should do ?

from our side

Trade will be long invest

we will make buy limit @0.01282937

target will be@ 0.08100000

Stop limit will be @ 0.00300000

risk= 77 %

Reward = 520 %

i see its good invest

but as we do usually

we recommend use capital management

at last

we ask allah reconcile and repay

評論: for is follow this analysis and set buy limit as we said at 0.01282937 the buy wad active and we update it for close now gain 21 % we expect more drop follow the new update

評論: Allah willing analysis still active
評論: Set buy limit at 0.00885139
0.01773539 gain 95 %
0.02500978 gain 185 %
stop limit=0.00518706
risk= 40 %
enter margin= 15 %
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: we have active trade long invest
last one Mid trade
交易進行: current loss -77% add more 10% from the current price target 0.00885139 / 0.010
we already at the bottom stop if close under 0.0010 weekly
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
demand zone again or dump ?
@HamadaMark, hey sir that is still active learn me more please
Excellent analysis bro
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Bro, 100% agree with your comments and analysis! Human brain is very small and forget the past and think only for the moment and rarely the future. We are in a complex correction which is very needed in order to advance to higher levels. keep up the good job bro. Allah is with us! ISA
HamadaMark PAHMAD1339
@PAHMAD1339, sure all forget its alive and allah with all
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