Is Pascalcoin About to Begin a Major Bull-Run? (Elliott Wave)

POLONIEX:PASCBTC   PascalCoin / Bitcoin
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It appears that PASCBTC is in a non-limiting triangle which could be coming to a completion now. It appears that this triangle is following the first zigzag as an x-wave. This means that we could get a larger corrective bull-run that is probably a wave-b. It could either be a double or a triple combination, but wave-b will probably eventually retrace about 60-80% before getting a much larger impulsive bull-run. Even if it does get a deep retracement this will still probably be one of the lowest prices we see for Pascalcoin.

Fundamentally, Pascalcoin is the first coin to be built using the Pascal coding language. This opens the door to a huge amount of Pascal coders being able to code with an already existing cryptocurrency, because before now all cryptos have been written in C++ and so a Pascal coder would not be able to code software for any cryptocurrency until Pascalcoin was released. Also Pascalcoin uses "accounts" instead of addresses like bitcoin , and these accounts are generated through mining, and so they actually have value too and that creates an entirely new "account market" that does not exist on other cryptocurrencies. These accounts are also a lot easier to remember than a cryptographic Bitcoin address so it makes it a lot more similar to an actual bank account. Being that this is the first coin made in Pascal it should be interesting to see what Pascal coders come up with using this coin and other coins that have already been forked from Pascalcoin, such as Pascalcoin Lite.
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following the chart pretty close so far.
renkcub renkcub
@Intuit enjoying the spikes right now.
Do you still think its going for that c?
aheoro supremedev
@supremedev, It's actually doing pretty good at moment.
Any target price?
Pascal will go to moon with or without Elliott..:P
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