Pink Coin now available on IOS!!

That's right! Support for Pink Coin's IOS wallet is available on Apple devices via the Coinomi wallet as of 2 days ago. Pink Coin is on fire with awesome releases, now accepting most major crypto-currencies including, PINK, BTC , LTC, MUE , DCR, DASH, NEM , PIVX, XMR, UBIQ, DASH, and DOGE in their official Pink store. Their Twitter feed look sharp, full of happy customers sporting their new PINK gear. Pretty cool and just the beginning.

As far as the charts go, PINK Coin has not seen a significant amount of action since my last post about it...struggling to break horizontal resistance price action still sits below the .618 but it has seen some a few small spikes, most notably a 4% gain on the 4th on this month. Currently, price action for Pink Coin sits on a short-term trend line (purple), with luck it'll break through horizontal resistance (in black) and start to see a more steady rise!

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