Everyone is buying cryptos, while PL looks "precious"

NYMEX:PL1!   鉑金期貨
Pun intended. All I hear from the post office guy or my friend's aunt or whomever wants to talk about finance is, what's going on with these cryptos. There's decent coin to be made on the precious metals here. Let me quarterback this out.

Initial Margin in PL: $1925
A 25 handle move = $50/handle x 25 = $1250 profit, less commissions.
ROI = 65%
For any investor/trader to make 65% on a crypto from here would mean. Now if I go on bitmex and trade a perpetual inverse swap, now we're talking!
BTC from 7800 to 12,870
ETH from 330 to 544.50

I love trading all assets and don't have biases toward any particular one. Important factors remain the same: liquidity, volatility , slippage, flow and hours and feel for it watching the tape. One isn't better than the other. It's the one that suits your trading style, personality, risk tolerance, sleep-like-a-rock-ness, and obviously, profit potential. Point being trade it all, learn it all. Try it all. Then figure out which one you can get really really good at and focus on that.
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