I'm looking to Play this trade

Gorgeous bullish gap and go. I learned today D&B was publicly traded. I did not know. Learning something new Errr day.
D&B is gapping out of a distribution phase with amazing volume . I love this company, I've visit this place often. Dropped a few dimes on games and "water". Anyway, from a technical stand point, I like it long term bullish

My 24 hours begins now to do this trade 'officially'. If I can BTC these options for 80% of the prem before Sep earnings come out, I probably will and do more.
Thanks for helping us Enrich Lives!
Up 6% just wanted to say thanks so much for keep us up to date on good trades!
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That's just how we roll. Spread the word! ;-)
welcome to the gaming world Jeremy !
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It's Jerremy (with 2's). ;) B UT YES! PUMPED
Trying to find a spot to enter now
I'll be waiting for a small pull back on the hourly to enter a directional swing. But I have to personally wait 24 hours. That's just part of my plan. A LONG TERM play on this one. ;) Just my take! Thanks for the comment
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johnnys212 Reallifetrading
I have mine set to 45.72. So we should wait until tomorrow to see what the momentum is?
I like that price! : )
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johnnys212 Reallifetrading
well, im in. lets see how we do. thanks for the heads up. I know they are expanding like crazy. Hopfully we can all make some good money from this one.
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