POE - Massive PUMP

A pre-sell order of 35 BTC @0.0000321 has prevented POE from truly breaking out.

Although the price of POE is still within my designated Breakout Zone, a zone I would recommend monitoring incase of drops/dumps, I do believe this coin has the potential to PUMP way up today.

REMINDER - this is a short term forecast purely on an understanding of basic Economics ( Supply & Demand ).

*** Give this a like and I will continue with updates on POE and other newly listed coins from Binance!
交易進行: ~ ~ UPDATE ~ ~ ( BIG LEAGUE )

WE've broken the 0.00000321 Resistance! Time to PUMP!
評論: ~ ~ SECOND RESISTANCE : 0.000004 ~ ~

With the sheer volume of POE being traded, IF POE presses through the next line the sky is the limit! We've almost reached the end of the sell orders!
交易進行: ~ ~ All Systems GO! ~ ~

We've broke through the last major sell order!

I don't want to speculate a TARGET, because it's blowing through the remaining sells. BLUE SKIES from hear on out.

I will close the trade when I notice volume & demand start slipping. GOOD LUCK
交易結束:達到停損點: It's going to continue battling back & forth. I'm going to close the trade, as it's much riskier, but for those of you who like risks set a STOP-LIMIT at 0.00000425 and keep riding the PUMP!
交易進行: ~ ~ POTENTIAL STILL ~ ~

I will try to stay active on the trade volume and the Order Book.

What to LOOK FOR:

1) High Quantity Purchase Orders (DEMAND)
2) Low Quantity Sell Orders (SUPPLY)

NOTE - the orders you should be looking at are the ones nearing their fill.
手動結束交易: The tips above still apply to this trade.

REMEMBER to utilize volume increases, order supply and order demand as simple indicators during an active coin pump!
交易進行: POE is back at it!

It's broke through the ALT and is on it's way through the top sell orders!
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Let's hope we get back over 483 so i can buy more!
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Yay! Second resistance broke. Thanks for the trade! Now what?
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chris_haze ShubhnayJain
@ShubhnayJain, my guess is that it will plain out around 0.06 USD for some time. IF the trade goes up past the previous high (0.00000483) I will open the trade backup.
chris_haze ShubhnayJain
@ShubhnayJain, At the moment, if it continues pumping, the next major obstacles won't occur until around the 0.00001BTC mark. I've detailed out my recommended process for placing buy orders and also included a Stop-Limit price.
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