$POP - United States Population Trends - Using TradingView Data

FRED:POP   總人口:含海外軍隊
General education:

Plotting fundamental data.

POP gives you the population data for the United States.

You can put the scale to log-scale so you view the same percentage changes in the data across the data series.

What you can see here is a slightly different view. The pace of growth from 1975-1986 continued forward until today shows were are on that same pace of 11% growth over 11 years.

Prior to 1975 the pace was running at 13% over 11 years. And the 11 years before that it was 22%. And the big post-WWII population growth was 22% over 11 years.

The net of it all is that the population is up 50% since 1975, or 46 years, which is roughly 1% per year.

These are good numbers to have at your fingertips for long term calculations.



9:26AM EST 5/12/2017
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Very interesting. Original to see this type of analysis on TradingView. Thanks for all this great job!

2use EthER13
@EthER13, Tim has that touch !
@2use, As you say ;)
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