Get high with Potion/BTC

BITTREX:POTBTC   PotCoin / Bitcoin
this coin has been pumped several times.
It will happen again
it is a great opportunity to make quick profit
pay attention to thing like this. It is a great way to profit
What do you think about CannabisCoin? It's only $11 million market cap. You think it can 10x-20x? I bought a bag just now of CANNBTC.
JamesNiro mightytrader
@mightytrader, it could happen whenever next pump of shit coin comes around. However it is shit coin. checkout thier github 45 commit since 2014 is bad. It means someone created and stop working on it. https://github.com/cannabiscoindev/cannabiscoin420
what you expect ?
whats the target?
iamtomchi aftab1777
@aftab1777, from picture it's 7137. But I'd say sell 1/3rd at 6500, 1/3rd at 6800 and reast at 7000. sometimes the target doesn't meet for few satishis.
+3 回覆
iamtomchi aftab1777
@aftab1777, *satoshis
aftab1777 iamtomchi
@iamtomchi, thank you
iamtomchi aftab1777
@aftab1777, you're welcome sir/bro. but you have to wait a lot for this trade. market is bleeding and I think it will bleed more. if you already have bought this coin, just HODL.
aftab1777 iamtomchi
@iamtomchi, bro i am bought when price is 3200 satoshi,
just hoping for good
iamtomchi aftab1777
@aftab1777, pretty high. me at 2800 sats. all you and I can do is just hold. POT will rise, other coins related to marijuana industry will rise too as per news.
aftab1777 iamtomchi
@iamtomchi, lets hold and watch
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