POWR/ BTC POWR>> Confirmed Uptrend

BINANCE:POWRBTC   PowerLedger / Bitcoin
he Wolf of patriot link keeps it simple. True potential does not need complicated explanations.

1. Broken downtrend / Wedge formation
2. Building Volume as price has been increasing the past few days
3. 50EMA cross acts as a support now that POWR has broken through it
4. Small scale fib retracement on the last 7 day candles shows POWR bouncing off support @ 5000 Sats level (Coincides with the 50 EMA support )
5. RSI bullish divergence ( Creating higher lows and higher highs in a uptrend channel )

Trade Active @ 4500 Sats

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評論: Uptrend moving nicely. Took some profits at 5700 Satoshis.
Next level to watch out for is 5400 Sats...... weve had resistance there twice so far in the short term..... All we need is a bit of volume to break through that level and then we are on our way to 6000 Sats..... I love this project such good fundamentals and Technical looking oh so sweet
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