The biggest and last price correction is coming PPC

BTCE:PPCUSD   Peercoin / Dollar
1486 13
It`s for Catch From 1.220

First Take Profit= 1.450

Sec Take Profit= 1.800

Third Take Profit= 2.10

Last Take Profit= 2.90

Gain 130 %

We recommend Capital Management

We ask Allaah to reconcile and repay

評論: Get First e Profit
交易結束:目標達成: close all @1.470
評論: we missed at close but fdla m n allah we have good chart al7mdallah
評論: buy limit @1.820
評論: Gain Profit Untill Now alhmd llah
評論: alhmd llah it`s was The biggest and last price correction as we said
評論: Move Take Profit to 3.20 ISA
交易進行: buy again @2.30 and keep first buy from 1.820

Target 2.70 +3.20

We ask Allaah to reconcile and repay
評論: Get 2.70 Praise be to allah still Sec 3.20 ISA
評論: Praise be to allah Get all SHort Target`s
When to buy back?
@wowaudeh, we will bro
Salam aleykom, thanks for this brother. I buy already at 2.09 ... What is your advice brother? I jump to other coin or I wait for back to 2$+? But how long wait?
HamadaMark DarkwolfSE
@DarkwolfSE, untill now wait when i back i till u how long time
DarkwolfSE HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, Ok thanks brother
DarkwolfSE HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, Salamaleykom brother I sell now or wait for 2.9$???
HamadaMark DarkwolfSE
@DarkwolfSE, u hold from 2.09 if that right sell and buy again from $1.820
DarkwolfSE HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, I still hold from 2.09, I wait for 1.5 Months and 0 profit, when we see 3-4$ ????
HamadaMark DarkwolfSE
@DarkwolfSE, Hello Bro First it`s Not My problem Last Reply i told u Sell and Buy again From 1.820 so if u did`nt Balm you`r self not me and if u think u will wake up Every Day and Gain 100 % or 50 % u should learn what Trade mean
i bought in 1.6
thats right???
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