BINANCE:PPTBTC   Populous / Bitcoin
I don't know a lot about this, I'm just analyzing the chart.
Nice call. breakouts like this are hard to spot
@roaken, thanks!
Do you see this continuing on to $100 in the next week?
RickSmash cryptoburn1
@cryptoburn1, not too hard to imagine bro. I see more of a 25% run in the near future though, not 33%. The chart still looks good, I'd probably sell around $90-$93. I still don't know anything about the coin other than the chart though.

Now, if bitcoin goes on a run and leaves alts behind, then the chart may not look like this, but it may still gain the USD value you're looking for.
I hope things are going well.
@RickSmash, You NEED to learn about this token. At $90 its still a great buy when you realize the disruption and disintermediation about to take place in the invoice factoring space. This IS a long term hold token.
RickSmash Pinarello1967
@Pinarello1967, Solid! Thanks for letting me know!
@RickSmash, Ok, just got word on the Slack channel that pokens (the token used on the platform to purchase invoices) will be backed by gold. Very nice move by Nico!
RickSmash RickSmash
If you take a look at this chart vs the actual chart, this was almost pinpoint accurate again! Predicted a run on the 29th from ~.0063 to .0080 before a pullback.
Nailed it!! Do it, PPT, keep going!!
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