PTC INDIA -Wyckoff Distribution

The down ward targets have been calculated from the following Point and figure chart...
Disclaimer.. Invested and will try to bottom fish...Not an investing/trading recommendation
評論: redistribution confirmed
Seems to follow the path to the dot. So best entry point at 78-80 levels? You think the current 87 support will hold based on today's closing? Thanks.
sandipan.mch rubixqube
@rubixqube, there is a lot of correction coming in the broader market u know... so better to wait for the correction to be over....
be fore addiction any posititon in a distribution setup...
i have eye balled for a bit sub 80 level, as along term scrip in this...
overall the whole market is not positive at all for this year, u can check i have done a idea on us bond market and the brent.. dosent seem a comfortable situation for our markets...
better to look for accumulation patterns n add on dips/support...
sandipan.mch sandipan.mch
@sandipan.mch, *before addition od any position
rubixqube sandipan.mch
@sandipan.mch, Thhanks for the prompt reply buddy! Will wait till 80 levels before making any purchase. Do you mind having a look at NLC India too? It is also in the power sector.
sandipan.mch rubixqube
@rubixqube, i saw the chart, ping me in pm...
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