PYPL: The New Bank & $80+ PT Range w/ Bonus

Paypal is and will always be a permanent, financial player. The Venmo acquisition: brilliant. Square, sure, it's growing and has potential. Tell me one person back in 2014 or 2015 that had heard of it over Venmo. Brand recognition and explosive growth make it one of the pinnacles of the PYPL story. Was it expensive at $80? Yes, absolutely. Is it expensive now for what all it has going? Debatable, but I guarantee that it will rise as anything else financially responsible and relevant will.

Technical trading up, over $80 is doable. With a perfect environment and more than likely absurd EC beats, expect a path to $100 if the market is stable and experiencing growth momentum. $100+ prime and over, take your money and sell. Don't be greedy. The Venmo story is real, relevant, impactful and unique. The eBay bs is now absorbed and incompetently understood. No one is thinking of it, so PYPL is a pure, no news related play.
is this an head shoulders? or just the - today - AMZN news? (still belive PYPL is a good long basket where to park money)
@toner, AMZN news will always rattle a sector for a few days. Just the way it works. Once everyone understands the full story and adjusts their analysis, the effects wear off and prices are adjusted, if need be. PayPal is PayPal, it's not going anywhere. It's outrageously popular, has strong brand recognition plus loyalty, and they've tapped into the next big, cash machine pie that is P2P payments via Venmo. It was such a good acquisition and they'll evolve properly with PayPal.

We all buy stuff on Amazon, sure, but more importantly than that, we all eat lunch every day, take cabs, buy drinks and socialize on a much more regular basis. Enabling people to interact and easily exchange currency digitally on a daily basis is where the real money is made.
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toner N3utra
@N3utra, I agree with your view, I'm not scare about real value of PayPal, just intelligent to get some good opinion around and then make my decision, I will wait for sell side to stop, then I will average down, so I'll bring a bad event on my side ;-) thanks!
Great fundamental analysis. I agree with you. I bought at $73 back in Feb 2018.
N3utra umbertocaba
@umbertocaba, Thanks and nice! Incredibly well timed.
@N3utra, lets hope, I did not sell when it reached $83.00. Hope to hold this over 365days. Your can see my analysis on my profile if you want.
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