QSHETH-Where QASH is heading?

One of the best use base coins in crypto market is QASH by Quione! Very few coins in crypto market has transparent background and one of them is QASH.
-Solid team behind with 200+ employees in Singapore, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam. CEO Mike Kayamori is very humble person
-First registered cryptocurrency exchange by Japanese Financial Services Agency
-Unique almost ready product-Liquid Platform where investors can see order book from different exchanges and trade them. Exactly what Crypto Market needs.
-Backed by the richest Japanese billionaire brothers Taizo San .

Regarding the chart-The project has 350 million circulating supply currently and average price is around USD 0.60. Super cheap price for the project like this.

Upcoming news:
-End of April Worldbook BETA is going to be launched
-In June Liquid Platform is going to be launched-THIS IS HUGE!
-End of the year Liquid Platform _ Prime Brokerage will be available
-Q2 in 2019 they will have their own blockchain.

I feel it is a really good time to enter this project! One thing is for sure these type of projects will not dissapear from market in one day to another. It is a long term financial sustainable project!

Regarding the chart-as you can see chart looks very promising! I have a good feeling that it will do 5 Wave Elliot Chart here. Currently we are in 2 nd Wave.

good looking chart
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