Undervalued coin due to its fundamentals and listing time

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Try to find such coins which has similar listing dates or haven't got their market cycles yet and you will see wonders .. I'm somehow addicted and a big fan of the undervalued coins specially those with a real life projects and strong Fundamentals which also they got listed at the beginning of a huge correction wave in Bitcoin , these type of coins are few in this season specially that most of them have been neglected+undervalued according to the BTC big correction, if you can see here that you can make some decent percentage from current price or the breakout to those target areas

--BUT for me myself this is one of the coins i want to accumulate a moon bag for--

future targets or moon targets will be determined later depends on volume and wave counts, for this coin i'm expecting to see a breakout in the very soon and that would trigger my buy then I'll decide depend on the price behavior which area would be my partial sell target or most probably I'll just keep holding this coin for at least a new ATH

"This is not an investment advice, Trade at your own risk"
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