QSP is going to be a clear winner going forward

BINANCE:QSPBTC   Quantstamp / Bitcoin
For those of you who watched the SEC live, congratulations! The bull is in. The question is, which alts should you buy? The short answer is that right now, most of them are bullish , but there are a few hidden gems that I really love. QuantStamp (QSP) is one of them.

What makes QSP different? Well for starters, QSP plans to be an ICO auditing firm. Assuming you watched the committee, I'm betting I have your attention. The main concern of the committee was scam ICOs and investor protection. Well guess what QSP aims to do? That's right - audit ICOs and provide investor protection. Furthermore QSP is one of only two major cryptos to come out of the YCombinator (the other being REQ, request network), so more than a few people see its potential.

Combine that with the technicals - strong rejection of the support line on the SEC news, a break of the downtrend line, and all of this on volume , and you have a great position. A crypto at the end of a bear run in a market at the end of a bear run that is poised to be the only auditing crypto in a market where auditing is desperately needed.

Basis: Support rejection on volume , downtrend line break, strong fundamentals, news will bring it into limelight as well
Entry: After it breathes a bit from this pump
Target 1: 4500
Target 2: 5000
Target 3: 6000
交易進行: 15 minute chart update:

Volume is still relatively large, so this looks like normal consolidation before another leg up. Still long.

As always, keep an eye on that BTC price :).
手動結束交易: Trading closed due to failure to crack the descending trendline from the ATH and previous peak, aswell as a double-top and MACD, volume declining. Will rebuy when we touch lower support

評論: Well, binance is not playing nice, is it?

We're actually seeing increased bullishness out of QSP. It could be about to break its upper trendline... If we see a break of 4K then that will be a solid re-entry signal.
評論: Still prepared to re-enter should prices exceed .00004 BTC, which is looking very possible. All we need is a bit of volume here (as usual).
Best entry point would be around .000028, just a little bit higher than the triangle support before the breakout. 0.00004 is a bit too high to reenter in my opinion. Except if you see BTC bullying big time
calcie Ant1ether
@Ant1ether, Agreed, I haven't been keeping this up-to-date. At the time I was assuming bullishness from BTC and that if QSP moved it would move quickly. Clearly that is no longer the case.
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