QTUM uptrend. Possible profit >50%

BITTREX:QTUMBTC   Qtum / Bitcoin
1163 12
I heard some rumors about QTUM (possible partnership with some big name) which motivated me to look at QTUM/BTC chart.

As it can be seen from the chart Qtum is traded in the range 300k-400k sat for some time. Current candlestick suggests a change of the trend and a good buy opportunity. Possible growth to 400k sat which is a strong resistance (upper limit of the rectangle ).
If 400k resistance gets broken I expect another leg of QUAT. The targets are 600k and 900k.
評論: If it reaches 490 sat I will pick a part of the profit.

QTUM is attacking resistance at 40k sat again. If it gets broken the next Fibonacci level is at 45k where we can expect the next resistance.
First Qtum full node in space! The Qtum satellite will be launching on Feb 2nd. Here's the countdown! https://tinyurl.com/Qtumsatellite
BTC is bearish. be extra careful with your altcoins.
Excellent prediction Zoran, keep up with the good work.
zorjak MRadulovic
@MRadulovic, thank you
380k is established as a good support.
If you did not pick up some profit at 490k sat, don't get disappointed. I think that 390k will act as a support now so there is a space for further growth.
QTUM is breaking resistance of 400k.
zorjak cjvilla
@cjvilla, possibly. But this is the news from yesterday. Maybe there is something more
@zorjak, They announce another partnership at 12PM Beijing time with a 1 billion users chinese company.
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