$RAD "Short Position" possible buyout potiental

So after a rough day of some failed day trades i entered RAD at 2.47. Made some percent of my money back for the day so i feel satisfied. Now what to do?? theres talk of a wall-greens deal and a possible buyout from amazon which would drive the starving company. But for now its just been "fake news". Holding RAD for the rest of week i consider it to be a risk because no one knows whats going to happen. RAD has been down the tubes for years but i think it could payout big if shares went up 11% today when they stock has had virtually no positive activity for months. Lets see what happens. As for now my AMD "Long" is holding support above $13 before earnings let hope it stays that way.
ahh doesnt appear so. im looking at $3.00 by the end of friday $4.00 in the short-term.
Could see $3/sh if closes higher today.
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