BITTREX:RDDBTC   ReddCoin / Bitcoin
volatile BTC price make all ALT Coin price unstable, what we can see here is RDD been oversold, when RDD bounce it will create tripple bottom reversal.
my prediction RDD will go over 220 in mid term. its good time to buy some
評論: BTC not so friendly, all alt coins was affected,
many bad news also make market FUD,
no need to panic, buy more when dip, soon it will bounce higher
評論: after shoping RDD at discount price now we can see RDD will up, if you see the chart now, you can see pole and flag
I charted this not long ago. We broke some key support our next bottom is around a hundred i bought at 112 sats and since then its gone to 160 multiple times back down to the and now it's 110, if we break 110 our next likely target is 98-100 if that happens im gonna put 0.2 more ether into RDD. The rest of my ether is going to tron.
mightytrader RizeSenpai
@RizeSenpai, YEAH BABY!! just bought a bag for 98. I love when Whales crash the market! :) $$
going to 114, then it will go amazing fast to 190
@Allec, Tanking
Lol. It's going the wrong way
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