BITTREX:RDDUSD   ReddCoin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Look for Correction to land around 150 Satoshi. That will signal (70%, as it land on impulse 4) that this may be the low point and great time to load up before next rise. Keep your eyes at the last ATH to retest ceiling.
評論: It looks like the whole market will take a large dip with LTC might be hitting 150. That would also mean RedCoin will take a massive dive within the next few days.

If this is the case be prepare to buy buy buy.

Be fearful of others when they are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful.

Great words for trading, right now all over twitter and other social media sites people are saying the world is about to end. Do the opposite, Stay away from FOMO and embrace everyone's FUD. If they are scared, this is great news for us veterans who have been in Crypto for a long time. We've seen this before and I bet most veterans will take advantage of the new guys dumping and jumping ship...
評論: RedCoin has reached the buy zone, and it is time to Load up as much ass possible.

My Fibo Calculation says 200% but I do rely on Fibonaci at the moment since there is not enough data collected from Crypto to make it as accurate as stocks and forex.

Goal is to sell around 150%
評論: Looks like scenerio 2 was in play.

Next support line is $0.00841 USD.

Right now is a great time to cast your buy ladder.

Great correction. Massive profit potential.
Hi, funny... I'm in RDD as well. I bought in around $ 0,0146. Looks like the buying zone on your chart ;) Let's see where this ride takes us.

How long do you mostly keep a coin before you move on?

xleratehighlander PatrickvanDijk
@PatrickvanDijk, I usually like to make 40% to 100% and move on. Some coin may jump to 400% but my philosophy is to keep yoru eyes on the ball. What was your goal? Keep it. If you stay in too long you might enjoy the really high waves or you might fall off the cliff.

Everyone's risk is different. Invest on your own term. Know yourself and figure out your own goals.

As in myself, I'm not a greedy guy if I can double I'm very satisfied. Others will no doubt feel differently.
PatrickvanDijk xleratehighlander
@xleratehighlander, 50%-100% sounds good to me ;) If my boss would give me a raise like that I would be happy as hell ;)

I've noticed several times that I did not hold myself to my own terms when coins were rising... to regret it 1-2 days later. Thanks for this lesson. It's time for me to set clear terms and keep them.

Talk to you later, have a nice day / evening. In the Netherlands the lights are going out, so bye for now.
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xleratehighlander PatrickvanDijk
@PatrickvanDijk, I'm from California USA...
PatrickvanDijk xleratehighlander
@xleratehighlander, seems like a good place to me!
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Fibonacci does not work well with crypto yet as it lack track record and data except for bitcoin. I can give you estimate but I highly doubt that number is right.

Please comment for thoughts, criticism or if you just want to blow off steam.
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Andrew138 xleratehighlander
@xleratehighlander, I think you have a good point.I think crypto breaks a lot of rules because it's unregulated. This is where I think tech heads have an advantage. Ultimately, people like us see beyond what is expected, and can see more than the chart calls. So I'm with you
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Andrew138 xleratehighlander
@xleratehighlander, I should add this is an awesome coin, but it's not it's time just yet. 2018 for sure, but I think it might need a few good months until realization. That's mho
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@Andrew138, I purchased at 114 satoshi and sold at 185 on the last round. Made a hefty return of 40%, which is way better then my current stock portfolio with Charles Schwabs lol...

I invested 300 and made 500 on the last round before all the fees on bittrex, which to me was highway robbery but hey I just made out 40% so whatever.

Anywho, this is just my speculation and chart reading I learned from college over a decade ago. Who knew that i would use this one day actively. At the time of taking this course, I was just trying to build up some credits for graduation and did not give it a second thought. I pulled out my old text books and notes and it all came back to me.

Please do not follow my lead but take my advice or comments or post with a grain of salt. I am not 100% correct.
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@Andrew138, Came very close to the 160 satoshi buy back but not quite... Might missed my mark by a few Satoshi, lets see what happen.
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