Cryptocurrency Base Trading Strategy - 150%+ Possible Weekly

BITTREX:REPBTC   Augur / Bitcoin
Cryptocurrency Base Trading Strategy - 150%+ Possible Weekly

Hello everyone, I am going to briefly cover one of my favorite trading strategies, Base trading. This is so simple, yet it yields me some really good weekly returns.
What are bases? Bases are the lowest current support during a specific time frame. On the chart above, the bases are indicated in blue horizontal lines.

What is my Base Trading strategy?
When the price of a coin drops 5% or more from it's original base, and the past data for the coin shows 80% or more the price of the coin has successfully gone back up to it's original base price. I use 5% stop loss on all trades.
Yes, you read that right, 80%+ of the time this strategy is profitable. Let's do some quick math below.
5 trades daily = 35 trades per week.
28 trades win for a minimum 5% profit each trade = 140% cumulative profit.
7 trades loss for 5% each trade = -35%
Total profit = 105% cumulative

You can use a 10% stop loss to have a slightly better success rate.

Below is the previous stats for the coin chart above:

Bases respected (how many times the coin has gone back to the original base support)
10/11 (10 out of 11 times)
Success rate
90% respected in

See Live stats of my Base Trading Strategy Plays -->
1k to 100k STATS
How can I get this Base Play stratergy?
How Can I test this stratergy? If i try it on EOS or BTC it says "No Data"
@J0nsan, This is a custom bot we have on our Discord group, it is not a TV script.
@redking75, how can I join your base trading discord grp?
Hmmm, think when I get out of my active trades going to start trying out the baseplays. Makes since to me. Show me the $$$$. Thanks
Nice strategy RK. All those small percentages add up!
@redking75 Interesting am going to give it a go thanks. What specific time frame is the best in your opinion? cheers
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This strategy only really works in a downtrend right?

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@JVallah, You will see more base plays of -5% or more dropps when BTC is falling, but it works just as well in any market conditions from my experience, just less play available.
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redking75 redking75
@redking75, Here is an example of a play that just came in 15 minutes ago

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