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This is my current Portfolio of crypto coins.
Seperate investments like FACTOM are not included, I only use the coins which will stay in my "retirement" portfolio and which I think are the coins with the best future development.

The rates are as follows:

REP 2%
GNT             2%
LTC 5%
ETH 20%
STR             10%
ICN             2%
XMR 3%

The chart represents the total value of the above listed coins by these ratios.
If the total value rises they gain weight against BTC             and the opposite.

BTC             (excluded) 50%

You should always hold 20-25% of your total crypto portfolio as FIAT.
This guarantees you are never stuck bagholding a position and gives you the possibility to do short term trades to buy dips and increase your Crypto or FIAT holdings.

Rebalancing after 30 days:
Choose a day in a month where you rebalance your portfolio to maintain the above rates.
For example next month your total crypto portfolio increased from 100.000             to 120.000            
Now we take these 120.000             and multiply it with 0.02 to see how our REP balance should look and we get 2400             .

If your REP balance is now above this number you sell so many REP tokens that you have 2400             left in REP.
If the balance decreased, you buy so many REP that it is back to a 2400             value again.
Do this for all other coins to always maintain the above ratios.

Of course everyone should decide what coins and ratios are best for yourself, because everyone has different preferences.

It is for the longterm use only

This Strategy is rather more interesting for early investors who bought latest in Jan-Feb 2017 before the huge bull runs as most people became pretty wealthy during that time.

I hope you like my approach of money management and look forward to your comments

here is my view about ETH

I'd add EOS to that and ETH I suspect will take a big hit this year due to EOS.
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plus 6170% O_O
How did you chart more coins in one chart? Please teach us senpai
@iera, you chart it with simple math.

For example a portfolio chart would be XXXUSD*(Amount of Asset)+XXXUSD(Amount of Asset)

Or a Margin Trade Profit Calculator XXXUSD*Amount of Asset)-(Investment in USD)
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what do you use to see a chart of all those in one?
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Hi Pato,

Great post!

You were less active for the past couple weeks/months. Took profits and living the life at the Bahamas now? ;)

Cheer mate
the 20 euro you invested is now 270+ euros...amazing
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