BINANCE:REQBTC   Request Network / Bitcoin
Very promising project , has 30k members at reddit.
"There is a good chance of mainnet launch in under 40 days (q1 2018)" - so when launch will be confirmed buy orders will intensify.

We are trying to get this coin at good price and swing trade or simply sell the top later (30-45 days).
Very readable chart , correction is almost over. It may dip slightly (depending on BTC santiment) however as always - you have to be careful and buy slowly , by portion, several days in a row if you can't be there to time the bottom for the best price.

評論: BTC UP - possible shorttime brakeout to upside as long as btc will run.
BTC same/down - trade is going according to a chart
I am trying to confirm a breakout with this. What do you think?? I have charted it so many different ways and it's looking great right now.
@CincyONU, "BTC UP - possible shorttime brakeout to upside as long as btc will run. " quoting myself from 2 days before. I don't think it's real breakout. new candle has to open higher of 3725 and do not close on red.
cryptolovetrade STRANGECRYPTO
@STRANGECRYPTO, yes, I agree. any correction in buy zone in your mind?
STRANGECRYPTO cryptolovetrade
@cryptolovetrade, all eyes on btc now (possible bulltrap at 10,500). REQ now in kinda prolonged symmetric triangle. We will see what happens.
@STRANGECRYPTO, Very interesting. I always considered breakouts below my charting of a coin related to BTC as anomalies so still moving ""according to chart" (that would otherwise be considered failure and breach and time to sell) but I hadn't considered breakouts above the same way. Great insight. Thanks.
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@CincyONU, If things move in crypto, they move fast and decisive ... any indecision , lack of purchasing power = MEH results, not much room even for a descent 1-2 day swing. Thanks for your interest!
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