Floating like a feather between the lines of this pennant

Riber is not a crypto but in the last months has behaved like a crypto.

Riber is a leader fabricant of MBE (molecular beam epitaxy). These MBE are used to depose thin layer of materials on a surface and have an application in the field of semiconductors, nanotechnologies and construction of OLED .

Suppose that Riber would not existe. Then less MBE would be on circulation, less OLED would be producted, you should wait a lot of time before take the last Iphone X in your hands and you would be impatient and unhappy. In conclusion Riber is happiness.

The price of Riber increased of 200% in the last month. And the reason is that they received lot of commands for these MBE (1 MBE cost a few hundreds of bitcoins ). The actual markt cap of riber is approximatively 11250 bitcoins and if MBE are so important ... that's not that much. In conclusion there is potential.

Now look at the charts. We entered now after a huge rise in a nice pennant . ADX is very low showing consolidation of the price. MACD confirm that Buy and Sell are again equivalent. RSI came back from a over buyed zone to a zone which triggers an increase of buy. Stoch RSI increased again confirming this last consideration.

In conclusion Riber has slowed down but bulls are pawing. We just need another little positive news to blow this feather in to the sky or maybe just a little more time.

評論: It goes to consolidate. We have to wait for more profit.
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