Very High Probability Trade (VHPT)

A very good trading setup is beeing established here - The perfekt timing to engage in a long position.

From a statistical point of view, we can anytime soon expect high volume and hence easily upwards 300% in price increasement. There exits large upside potentials for this very particular coin

Good weekend traders!
交易進行: High volumen just arrived! We can expect further higher volume in the upcoming days and hence significantly increased prices..

There are sell orders way up in the +0.0009'ish... - hence a strong believe in at least 300-400% increase in prices
交易結束:目標達成: Guys.. I am out after a good trade made around 60% on my position in a weeks time - thats excellent for the holding period!

I have entered a new high prob. trade in MAID/BTC - I have made a post about it here in trading view!

Any idea of how this will perform?
It has dropped majorly this past month and just going to the run it had the past months would result in 500% profit.
What's your opinion on this coin currently?
Baldy123 Fnf312
@Fnf312, hi there... Keeping a very close eye on it.. Good probabilities for a jump/Spike soon enough.. However currently I am BIG on GAMECREDIT/BTC
Fnf312 Baldy123
@Baldy123, Ric going anywhere?
Hi brother,what do you think about ric now,it will go up?how can i call you,what is your name
mrdhsyn mrdhsyn
What do u think about ric?is it good time to buy it,thanks a lot
Baldy123 mrdhsyn
@mrdhsyn, Hi there, its difficult to answer.. There are alot of traders with large selling orders.. however the volume is also increased a lot.. Personally I went out near the top.. And would consider to go in if the prices suddenly falls around 50% due to selling presure..

I am big in ETC currently..
Halving is in ~5 days, and seeing the pump that started on Jan 29th seems to correlate with the trading recommendation for Riecoin by Volume is so low, that any attention shoots the price of this coin up. Curious what news will come up that will lure investors for the halving and I'm curious how high the price could go. I'm aiming for 0.00009+, anyways, thanks for the post!
Baldy123 CoinBaron
@CoinBaron, Thank you for your comment! The technical setup defintely supports your aim for 0.00009'ish.. This coin can move very aggresively
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