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POLONIEX:RICBTC   Riecoin / Bitcoin
Hey guys!

What a rubbish topic, isn't it?

WIthin the last few days, i talked to many of you and many people on other platforms.
Smart people, educated ones, some really silly ... inside materia or outside. A fact I often hear is that technical analysis of crypto markets is uselees. There are much studies which seems to verify that.

I have to say, that i understand these facts and oppinions and really partly agree with them.
In my opinion coins with smaller volume are really hard to analyse. U never know what happens. Of course you can find signals, draw your lines and circles, but very often the coin writes a story itself.
That dont has to be bad.

Riecoin is one of these. Of course u can find some indicators, support areas, and so on. The chance that the coin makes his own way is much bigger than with coins with bigger volume .

I cant tell you what this coin does, what is the philosophy of the team. Is the team good? Are there any future plans? I dont know and i dont mind to be honest. The only thing i am insterested in is the profit I can make. What are the chances and the risks? That is important.
There are much of these coins. Riecoin is one of my favorite ones. It gave me some nice profit in 2017.
In my opinion the chance that u get 100% or even 200% out of this coin, is much bigger than the chance to loose maybe 50%. And that is all that counts.

Riecoin made some 100%+ jumps within the last 12 months. Out of nowhere. 10 times ... so let's say every 6 weeks it made its way above 0.00003 what would be 200% reward point now.
For me there is no reason to have it not in my portfolio. The Chance/Risk ratio is simply too good.

!! Mention: That is my personal opinion, no trading advice. Its your money, your trade, your risk and your responsibility.

Happy trading and happy easter ;>

交易進行: first 30% winnings ... Still holding. Expect big breakout within the next few weeks.
Never had such a long sidewards trend withing the last years.

Be prepared :)
I think the opposite as far as charting cryptos. I use fibs and T lines and am constantly blown away how perfect they line up.

My theory is that you don't have Commercial traders dumping billions on one side, Institutional or (big ass banks) Pumping a currency to get it to a price they want. You don't have central bank interventions causing black swans In other words cryptos are still young and the price is more pure than other 'constantly manipulated' currency.

Why listen to people who have never charted cryptos? Most of those people will tell you that its 'phony money and not backed by anything.' uuh yeah. We already know where that argument goes.
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