Ravencoin - Potential Wave 5

BINANCE:RVNBTC   Ravencoin / Bitcoin
We have been watching Raven for quite sometime, its brought us many 100% gains since Novemeber, Here, we are in a precarious space, but we are looking at a potential wave 5 break out, Its not always exact to use elliot wave theory, so when we are up this high we have super tight stop losses on profits. We are following the meandering 4th wave definition, so we are looking for a breakout, or potential break down here. Even still the 10% ups and downs are like a money making machine for intraday traders.
Retrace 3 to 4 with rules of elliot wave. Wave 4 can't pass wave 1 and watch fib. support at .786, .618, .382 for bounce. Confirm on RSI, MACD and candle reading...among time frames and trend.
keifer keifer
@keifer, oops, wrong chart :P
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