Salt Trade idea

BITTREX:SALTBTC   Salt / Bitcoin
I only paper trade as im still learning. the purpose of that is to provide a database of "trades" that i wouldve made. i can then analyse those "trades" and learn from my successes and mistakes.

Ive already had a few salt trades back in december/november between 40k and 60k.

this time im aiming slightly higher. entered at 38k and looking for profit takes at 60k and 75k.
Nicely done. What indicators made you think it was ready for a breakout?
cryptonoob12 maddamanda
@ashipka, to be 100% honest with you, it was dumb luck. i trade supports and resistances. i saw it was coming close to a support levels, if it bounces off or along great, if it falls down then stop loss.

I hope that makes sense, im really new to this so id take anything i say with a grain of SALT ;)
maddamanda cryptonoob12
@cryptonoob12, Hah! Well it looks to be working out for you. I've had a bit of a rough go lately with a lot of my expected support levels breaking down. I'm also new, so just trying to figure out what makes this one good!
cryptonoob12 maddamanda
@ashipka, this was the return to origin sort of speak. last run started at 35k so i figured its pretty significant. it also previously acted as a resistance (if you extend the line to the left).

plan was enter, 5% stop loss if it goes down and renter next support but with a smaller position as support is weaker. whether that was a good plan or not, no idea.
maddamanda cryptonoob12
@cryptonoob12, That makes sense, and I definitely think it was a good idea. I also just noticed that this most recent pump is off the top of the downtrend, after a successful retest. Looks good!
cryptonoob12 maddamanda
@ashipka, thats a very good catch as well, i usually look for diagonals too but got too focused on the horizontal, shows im still a noob :D
maddamanda cryptonoob12
@cryptonoob12, Hey, whatever works.
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