SBIN : Simple Bullish Trend Continuation Entry

Note : Unless some macroeconomic news affects banking sector, SBI has good potential to move up in coming weeks as most of loans written off & market has adjusted to that.

But Jun 14-16 with Fed meetings markets can react , Feds always do what they think right not what needs to be done.

The zone marked above has been tested 4 times, so I am expecting it will be acting as support zone around 200. With gap down opening market is right in our zone but if you wish to enter at better price to reduce risk,plan your entry. Anything above 1 is good for entry.

You can also use this for trend continuation for longer targets in SBIN. Don't trade bcos I posted, do your analysis if it convincing enough to take trade then enter.

Happy Trading !

評論: Guys, Do me a favor leave a comment whether Font size am using is readable or too small ?
評論: Booked some profits in SBI. If you are aiming for higher targets book some profits here and aim for 220
It is difficult to read comments on charts.
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Sorry abt that Ambrish,I will rectify that from next post !
Too small, but I always pull out the magnifier. Thanks for the charts.
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InsiderB dead2live
oh ! Sorry about that, will do with larger fonts next time
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