Siacoin prediction

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Youtube channel with lessons on trading
BTC : 3QccfbwpF9rpm8aofADDWdtshDrXnGwZ
SC Started the journey to the moon,

Here is the analysis: https://steemit.com/sc/@cryptopizza/siacoin-sc-potential-800-growth-since-it-reached-the-bottom
Following you also. Youre really getting things right!
Until SC starts tanking, I'm holding this prediction as valid, but delayed. I'm also still holding some very well aged SC.
It's June 10th and siacoin is at 532, what would you recommend. Hold or sell? Would love an updated prediction on siacoin, thank you!
Do we sell or hold?
Hello sir,
Your expectations is missed siacoin price still down and down see the price 544sts and still down I have 100k siacoin and I can buy at 632sts for your expectations but rate is still down..
I dont understand what the chart saying ? If i buy sia for 5 years (50000) than is it gonna work out for me ? is it worthy investment ?
@royanik, first you have to study this coin and look at its technology and make up your opinion then watch videos on youtube people telling their opinion about it and think if you should invest or not... but if you cant afford to lose money then dont invest
if i buy 5000 sc for 5 years, is it gonna worthy decision ?
Seems like Sia spikes when BTC goes down, I think you are predicting BTC going down. Have you considered looking at Sia actual price in USD and making predictions? https://www.worldcoinindex.com/coin/siacoin
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