Siacoin SC Forecast

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Chart is self explanatory. If bounce is successful one can expect a bullish trend .

Hardfork is set for 21 January 2018.

File contract upgrade, file recovery system and simple file sharing are all expected to be in place before 31 March 2018.

This is not an advice, always do your own research.
交易進行: Those who bought at the bounce are being rewarded as early as this morning! This comes to no surprise. Not much more to say from such beauty of a coin and chart!

Perfect execution and am really happy for those who purchased at 300 or lower!

Goodluck & hodl!
交易結束:目標達成: 400 Target reached with ease! That's at least 33% gains.

Those who held SC for 2nd and 3rd target, 2nd missed by a hairline, are looking to bag 67% and 100% respectively! Now that is some serious green!

Goodluck & hodl!
Nice bounce.
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Correction has ended, technically this coin is brilliant, very cheap cloud storage for business & non business users, cheaper that big players on the market, growing rapidly. Fork is coming, it will start MOONING soon! Also great coin for longterm!
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itradearn CryptoFan973
@CryptoFan973, I know it will. Check out my other charts:)
@carlcauchi5 hardfork 21 january or 31 januari? which one?
itradearn parisian788
@parisian788, Hard fork will occur at 139,000 blocks. If on track it should occur by 21 January 2018.
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