SCBTC - Consolidation and bullish. Good to long.

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
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As price is in cloud, it means there is consolidation happening. Trend overall are bullish . So.. i think there i will have some profits in next days. Not an expert.
評論: Bittrex and HitBTC suspended SC trading. Almost 2x difference in price Poloniex vs Bittrex.
So, it is another signal that price must sky rocket in Poloniex.
PS. i am sad that i didn't seen this arbitrage opportunity while it was possible. :)
Holly s***t! :) Ok.. also not bad... 4H charts looks good. Lets watch it. The same thing is happening with DGB right now. So.. probably there will be new support. If so... good opportunity to buy more cheaper. Still bullish. DONT panic! Just take a rest and some beer. :)
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Broke below the triangle. sell or hold?
Oswee vspectra
@vspectra, DONT panic. Wait... if there will be new support, then buy more. Just wait and watch. I am not an adviser. But this is what I will do. Im still holding and will buy more. Market is still bullish.
@Oswee, Thanks! I actually sold it, but then re-bought for the same price I sold lol. With hard fork still 3.5 weeks again seems there's a good chance to go up, and looking at the graph when it pumped in summer, it had a similar amount of drop before mooning to ath.
Agree, but this action has been affected by btc pricing tier.
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