I've been loading the boat on SIA, have you?

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Fantastic opportunities to get long in this coin, I've been watching this coin for two months and helping my friend successfully trade it. Call me crazy but most of my portfolio is in this coin now.
評論: Some scarey retracement today! I got punished for buying off the 378 satoshi line
評論: Buy at your own risk, I would keep an on eye on it if it breaks 329 sats
評論: If you're in it, cross those fingers that our bearish EMA turns the other way
評論: I went to a bull shop and ended up with a dog...
交易結束:達到停損點: Double bottom
評論: Never mind, I'm looking at the 1h
評論: I'll post an update on SIA soon
Same for me. i ve got 3,5 BTC i put 3 on Siacoin.
The prices of SC were a lot higher on bittrex in early jan. because their wallet was down and nobody was able to deposit SC and sell. For this reason shouldn't you look at poloniex's graph?

Thank you.
@BonzoBoss, I'll have a look. If the fibs signals are good then why should I care?
@BonzoBoss, Poloniex did give me a better elliott count, but bittrex has the majority of the volume and it has been behaving how I want it to behave on the retracement
Hi, most of my portfolio is in sia too. I bought it at 612, now it's 393 at bittrex. Should i convert all of it to btc now due to btc bull run? do you think that sia can go lower so i can buyback at lower price?
@parisian788, You're trading backwards, never buy during all time highs. Please refer to my chart, my target for Sia is 715.
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parisian788 DustinSkeleBones
@DustinSkeleBones, so, your suggest for me is just hodl it?
@parisian788, if my signals are correct, then its a good hold.
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parisian788 DustinSkeleBones
@DustinSkeleBones, do you have time frame when it will hit 715? in how many day?
omen5670 parisian788
@parisian788, Wow... You bought at the wrong time! Questions you're asking should be answered by yourself... Well if you want others to make Your decisions, you're just giving your money to Us .Anyway good luck
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