SIABTC Poloniex - Is about as low as one is going to get at...

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
1875 21
...current price point. If one is going to get into SIA , this is about as cheap as you're going to get.

Could it go lower than 0.00000500 again? Possible. But 0.00000514 is pretty damn low right now.

I've been sharing this with my chat group for the last couple of days. I drew the green scribble a couple of days ago. They can confirm in my chat group.

I believe this is an excellent opportunity coming up in the next several days. We may have another 4 to 10 days wait before lift off. Not quite sure "when" but I'm pretty sure there will be a lift off soon.

It's quite possible it goes down to the point of the wedge seen drawn with a diagonal magenta line arrow angled downward. Time will tell.

This TA is my "opinion." I'm not responsible for any trades made based off my opinions.

評論: Do me a favor everyone. Get in at or near where I placed a red arrow at the 0.618 FIB ReTrace (RT). This may go down to 0.00000450 to 0.00000430
評論: That previous comment was a correction. I forgot to mention my 0.618 FIB RT. It looks like it will make it to it more than likely. Mainly because of the value of BTCUSD going up. Makes sense...

I drew out the correction with red scribble:

評論: NOTE how the red scribble goes down to my 0.618 FIB RT at 0.00000443
評論: SIA is still playing out somewhat as depicted...

評論: We still have more time to wait before a considerable move upside.
評論: A simple post for historical purposes:

評論: Well, the party is still going till approximately 0.00000943 if the pattern holds true.
評論: It's quite possible we may revert back to 0.00000583 to get fuel for a stronger push upward.

評論: That throwback to 0.00000583 may not last long. Meaning, this 4h (240m) candle may have a wick down to 0.00000583 but may not "finish" below 0.00000609.

We currently have traders accumulating more BTC for sure... Why? Cause I'm seeing a lot of alt coins traded in BTC in the red today. This makes one wonder what's in store for BTCUSD in the near future. ; )

""IF"" we do go below 0.00000583, I can see an even stronger push to the upside once this bear sentiment is over.
評論: I simply added a couple of trend lines with price points for a visual of 0.00000583

評論: I do like how deep the aqua ghost line is on both the 120m and 240m TF's. Why? Cause this "could" be a good indication the move downward is getting close to being "spent" (exhausted) and we may revert to the upside soon.
評論: I'm about to get ready to go to my parents house for Fathers Day. I will be gone most of the day with laptop in tow. ; )

Happy Fathers Day to all you fathers out there!


評論: The 360m, 720m still are not looking that good at the moment for SIA. The 1080m (18h) shows a wee itty bit of potential upside but nothing "obvious."

I've been working in my mining room the last couple of days. I still have at least a week to go. It's funny how projects end up lasting longer than anticipated. I was working on a rig for over 6 hours before I "finally" got 7 x GPU's going on it. I almost gave up on it.

I will be away for a while still. I'm looking forward to getting this mining room completed in order to focus back on trading full time like I used to.

Later and happy trading,

Good luck with the rig! Think it will be all worth it in the end. What are you planning on mining?
@twismo, I mine only alt coins with GPU's.
you too man, thanks for everything, happy sunday
Good Job. Thank You. 12% profit.
Got SIA at 434, And holding it now. Any advice on when to sell ?
@RaviNaik, I will post that in the near future.

Spending some time with wife and son at the moment.

BY THE WAY, nice entry.
Dashtothetop ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, I've been loading the boat since 408-516. with most purchased near 408!! I reinvested some nice gains from NXT in SC.
ProwdClown Dashtothetop
@Dashtothetop, Nice going, bro. Damn good.
Awesome analisis. I agree with you here. We're now at bottom and for the next hours/days we will reach that top.
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