Bottoms Up! (SC/BTC)

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
This is my idea for a long to mid term accumulate and hold. I try not to fall in love with Altcoins and their block chain solutions to made up problems, but SC seems to have a real world use case (decentralized encrypted storage). I would keep an eye on this zone as the year progresses. It doesn't look like it will go much lower than this, but keep your eyes out for buys around the 120 sats mark. Right now it looks a bit oversold based on the Stoch RSI . If you can afford to hold for a month or two it could be a nice profit. All assuming bitcoin and alts manage to not shit the bed... or assuming file coin doesn't come online and eat SC's lunch (something to watch). DYOR and let me know what you think. Thanks!
sc to the moon
I am guessing that SiaCoin will touch all time new heights, it is always required to retrace low before it reaches to the new heights... The volume is increasing day by day as well as Yunbi price going up, potential bull pattern soon..
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Ox1 Andy1
@Andy1, I see that on yunbi it's 79sat right now
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@Ox1, isnt yunbi exchange going to shutdown completely tomorrow?
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Ox1 Krzychu86
@Krzychu86, oh, I see
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@Ox1, it's go to 80sts...
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