BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
sc is drawing bull flag right now. there is nothing to afraid of. it's preaparing for another moonshot. + on 21th they have hardfork. means it has 2 catalyzer. i am expecting 1000 sats . seems easy money but of course dyor.
Hardfork (2nd one) won't affect us.
Holding SIA since launch.

Also using their drive.
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Siacoin will proceed the hardfork at blockheight 139000, so to check this visit

I'm holding, even with the fact there is no airdrop. They have good things comming by the end of march and i expect a very high rise on the long run.

Things comming:

Patience with SC will be rewarded bigtime
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Dmoootje DriesNijs
To Add al little more info, see their public roadmap.
I thought hard fork was on 31st?
GorkemOkan vspectra
@vspectra, it was on 31st, you are right.
but they advenced it and now it will be on 21st.
vspectra GorkemOkan
@GorkemOkan, Thanks for the update!
GorkemOkan vspectra
@vspectra, you are wellcome
as my opinion, you can wait at least 3-5 days. don't sell for loss. it should take of till 19th (i think in 2-3 days). just a little patience on hodl.
Bought it at 0.00000641 BTC was a stupid move :-(

Thinking of taking my loss and move on or should I hodl?
GorkemOkan Monolith85
@Monolith85, after bullflag completes, it easily passes the previous top point(669 sats). Consolidation continues between flag and then take off.
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