SiaCoin 700% Profit Long Term

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Lets get right into this, Siacoin broke out of a very long term bear trend after bouncing off the 886 fib, its currently attempting to break through the 786, if it does then I'll have recieved confirmation for a bull run, and I'll be creating a position. If it continues to reject the 786 fib and returns to the 886 then wait for confirmation that it holds if not, it'll retrace another 100 sat ( This is a very unlikely scenarioi). We had a bullish crossover at the macd and the daily rsi was heavily oversold.
History shows us that SiaCoin is a sleeping giant for the most part, it moves upwards steadily but surely, it hates being oversold or overbought, which brings us to the bounce at the 786 fib level, its likely we'll see siacoin flag for about a week here before continuing up.

No upcoming news to effect SiaCoin (unless unexpected announcement with major company)
Entry Prices:
120 - 140(if rejected at 786 and supported at 886)
180-220 (If Breakout)

Alert Levels:
180 ~ 786
200 ~ Daily 50MA
170 ~ 4HR 200Ma

180 - Reached
評論: Reached 420 flagging now
It did achieve 180 but couldn't close. Now, wait for the retracement to 120-140 levels?
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