A clear BUllish for Sia Coin..

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
733 11

This coin will rump up high more than btc raised up!!!
Keep on monitoring this coin until its hard Fork this 21st of January..

Target BUY:

Target 1 = 485
Target 2 = 515
Target 3 = 545
Target 4 = 575
Target 5 = 605
SC always act correctly there is a lot of good behind I am only selling up buying down making 2 -3 -5 % each time..growing
most coins are down this attracts new investors
Who is pumping this shit? I wanna buy at 350
CryptoFan973 Superintendent
@Superintendent, U R late SC will fly to fork...
Superintendent CryptoFan973
@CryptoFan973, I guess not yet xD
cosmopan Superintendent
@Superintendent, SC isn't shit.
what do you think will happend when the wallet is fixed?
chefluc Monolith85
@Monolith85, good question I suggest to sell 50% before the fork there is high probability a a huge down after the fork ..remember NXT how ever have to look at this closer.
cosmopan chefluc
@chefluc, huge down impossible, because you can easily sell SC 24/7 on Bittrex even if wallet is disabled, you can trade SC/BTC SC/ETH
stban chefluc
@chefluc, why you compare it to NXT? if i got it right, after the hardfork there won't be a new coin, as it was for NXT. hardfork on 21st Jan. will fix a bug from the previous fork and so tx-confirmation time will be 10 min instead of 30 min. or am i wrong and there will be a new coin?
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