Siacoin SCBTC - Accumulation phase - Bullish Wedge

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
827 13
I have outlined how siacoin periodicaly goes into accumulation phases forming a wedge pattern before another bull run.
Key point is during accumulation phase it remains within the RSI green rectangle zone. Once it breaks on the upside, you are sure that accumulation phase has ended.

A good buying point is that it dips to 0.5 to 0.618 levels after a bullish run, that is a good point to grab more siacoins.

It hasn't touched the lower most part of the shaded "green zone" yet, if it does then that would be an excellent buying point.

Expect a short dip in this accumulation phase before it goes long
交易進行: SC is still in accumulation phase.SC can dip more and present good buying opportunities.

RSI is at 48% now on 4hrs timeframe, still hasn't touched the bottom of the shaded green zone.
交易進行: SC came close to breaking out but according to my chart it didn't breakout. RSI at 4 hrs still remain within the green zone. Accumulation phase is still on.
交易進行: Updated new chart

Wow, fantstic chart. very impressive and precise.
sniperz aakashbit
@aakashbit, thank you :)
good progresion ! i spect sell in 750 - 800 ;)
when do you spect sc grow up this price to 800 satoshis? 3 days? or more?
sniperz jjhhxxzz88
@jjhhxxzz88, Yeah I do expect the price to cross 800 - 900 satoshis in the next bull run. It can be even more.
Time frame, I can't comment on how many days. Accumulation phase is still not over yet.
jjhhxxzz88 sniperz
@sniperz, o i see man thanks for teh ansewr, i excpect to grow op to 900. You can analisys antshares coin please?
sniperz jjhhxxzz88
@jjhhxxzz88, you are welcome. Bittrex market is not on tradingview yet. So can't analyse antshares

You can go to and search on youtube. You will find lot of videos
jjhhxxzz88 sniperz
@sniperz, thanks, i see. Thanks for the page i go to this. Ii follow to you thanks for the ansewrs again. I spect state in contact.
jjhhxxzz88 sniperz
@sniperz, and i new here and the trading can you tell me when i learn trading in a good page o place in internet or youtubechanel if you know tell me is to much help me in the trading i like lear this graffic lenguage
400 es una buena entrada?? ahi sera el fondo??
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