SIA Long - based not on BTC/SIA prices, but USD/SIA prices.

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
With BTC skyrocketing lately, a lot of people forget to look at the fact that any coin going even sideways with it is also actually gaining value, and if it is going up in its' BTC pairing, that means it is growing *at a higher rate* than BTC in terms of value to increase.
For example, for every $1 that LTC goes up, is 1% of LTC's total value, at the time of typing.
BTC has to go up almost $115 dollars to go up by 1%, at the time of typing. This is mitigated by the sheer volitility of BTC , but the line of thinking is still valid. In turbulent markets, look to stable currencies like USD/USDT for your growth charts, not BTC comparisons, unless you're a diehard BTC trader or HODLer.

But if you're just long-hodling BTC , odds are you aren't trading against USDT, and either way you'll be fine. I personally think being patient and long-terming BTC with small hedges in LTC and ETH are the best idea, but for the swing traders, SIA shows a lot of promise.
cant trade sc for usd wta 0_0
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